raywalker IT


Beautiful, responsive websites custom built to your exact specifications.  I’ll work with you to find out exactly what you need, even if you’re not yet sure what that is.

From one page brochure sites to 10,000 product eCommerce sites, a forum that’s used by more than 5000 people per day or just a simple blog to share your thoughts.

Whatever you want from your website, I will make it happen.


Specialist WordPress and Magento hosting – security, reliability and performance.

WordPress and Magento are the two dominant online platforms, with 25% and 60% of their respective markets, and as tall poppies they are the most obvious targets of choice for hacking.  With more than 10 years of experience providing layers of best-practice security for both WordPress and Magento sites, we apply pro-active hardening techniques, constantly monitor for unusual access patterns, and are experts at the recovery and hardening of hacked sites.

We rely on deep application insights via DataDog and NewRelic for all hosted sites to identify resource shortfalls and poorly performing scripts, we automatically apply OS security updates, we use DNS blocklists and Cloudflare to ensure that your site remains secure and performant.  We currently use data centres provided by Rackspace, Amazon AWSUberGlobal and Servers Australia.  We can also automatically apply WordPress and Magento updates on subscription, with zero downtime guaranteed.

All this is just the barest outline of all that goes into managing your site.  Call or email for a chat or a customised quote, and stay tuned for a new automated provisioning service currently in development right here – in-house.


You name it, I reckon I can fix it.

With around 20 years in the IT support industry, and a childhood growing up with technology, if it goes beep I’ve probably worked on it.  Everything from the ZX Spectrum to rackmounted Xeon clusters, I’ve tweaked it till it broke, and then put it back together again.

Give me a call or send an email, and I’ll see if I can sort it out.

  • Home, small business & industrial
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware service
  • Hardware diagnosis & replacement
  • Troubleshoot & resolve internet problems
  • Upgrade and purchasing advice


Visit support.raywalker.it for Frequently Asked Questions and more support options